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Wolverine Hops Harvester

The Wolverine Hops Harvester Air-1 is a portable unit that can be moved from yard to yard at harvesting time. The advantage of having the harvester perform at your yard is that the hops can be processed to the drying facility expeditiously, thus maintaining quality. Better quality equals better price!  

There are options that can be planned into the machine:  1) Onboard motor which allows faster start-up at customer yards and 2) Secondary cleaning belts which refine the cone belt when speed is in excess of 170 bines per hour.

A hops harvester is a machine used to harvest hops, which are a key ingredient in beer brewing. The harvester is designed to efficiently remove the hop cones from the bines (vines) while minimizing damage to the plant.  The machine can be adjusted to optimize the harvest for different varieties of hops, different weather conditions, and different stages of maturity.


2 years on parts and labor provided by our shop Made in USA (Bath, New York) Delivery dates 
We have a limited production facility at this time; we intend to expand to meet demand.
To avoid disappointment, lock your spot in the manufacturing sequence soon!


To view the Wolverine Hops Harvester in action you can contact Schmidt Hop Farms at to discuss, view and see the harvester in action.